Amy Lytton Web Design

Amy Lytton Web Design (formerly peaceful driver)

I operate a web design business in Minneapolis, Minnesota specializing in websites for small businesses and organizations. My portfolio includes websites for restaurants, small businesses, non-profits, theater groups, musicians, photographers, elected officials and political candidates.

I design websites:

A website is ultimately a tool of communication

Effective communication on the Internet requires more than design and technical skills. Website visitors expect to find the information they need or want quickly. I have a breadth of experience to draw on, including almost 20 years in the field of nursing, to help you shape website content for clear communication.

What does nursing have to do with web design?

By working in a wide variety of settings, I have learned to help people — both clients and other professionals—discover and clarify ideas. I also have both academic and professional writing experience to edit website content so that it is suitable for the Internet.